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Safety concern questions

Q: What are the safety concerns when attending one of your dolphin therapy programs in Cozumel, Mexico?

A: Because of the recent news of violence in Mexico we will answer this question first!  Most of the tourist and resort areas, including Cozumel and Cancun, are separated by hundreds of miles from the volatile battlegrounds of the drug war.  

Staying away from Cozumel or Puerto Vallarta because of what's going on in Juarez would be like not traveling to Colorado because of something happening in New York City, tourism officials say.

One of my closest friends was born in Mexico and she and her husband often travel around Mexico by car. She said that much of Mexico is still VERY SAFE. Drug-related murders are focused almost entirely in the northern and western states where cartel activity is concentrated. 

Mexico's Tourism Board launched a new website, Mexico-Update.com, which has testimonials from travelers who have visited Mexico recently and a map to clarify which areas are included in the U.S. Government's travel alert. Those unsafe areas include all cities in the northwest part of the country that are near the U.S. border.

When it comes to trouble, tequila takes a far higher toll than bandidos!

Q. What about the safety of the food and water?

A. Always drink bottled water. You may even want to brush your teeth with bottled water. Ask at restaurants to make sure that the water and ice are bottled.

If you are cooking and eating in your hotel you can certainly enjoy the wonderful local produce. Just be sure and clean your produce in iodine-based water purification drops that you purchase in the local grocery stores. As in the U.S. be sure and wash your hands a lot. Wash them every time you handle money and after you've pushed a cart through a store.  

In the unlikely event of becoming ill, bring a small supply of Immodium AD. This will not sure you but it will stop stomach cramps and diarrhea until you get to the heart of the problem.

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Program related questions

Q. How many participants are typically in a dolphin therapy session?

A. Four. There are 4 participants per one dolphin. If there are more participants at a given time frame, we have more than one dolphin. This gives each participant plenty of one-on-one time with the dolphin. There may be a parent in the water with each child, though they are not actually a participant and there is no charge for them.

Q. What if I can't swim?

A. It is not necessary to know how to swim. We are on a platform in the water that is waist high on most adults and chest high on most children.


Questions about Travel, Lodging and Meals

Q. What documentation will I need to travel to Mexico?

A. A passport --adults and children must have a passport. It takes about 6 weeks to get one, so be sure and apply in plenty of time.

Q. What is included in the dolphin therapy program cost and what is the form of payment?

You make your own travel arrangements, though we give you as much input and guidance as you would like. We find that the best airfare through cheapOair.com. 

Bookit.com has great all-inclusive packages. We recommend families stay at Cozumel Palace, or Hotel Cozumel and Resort. Both hotels are within walking distance to the dolphin center. 
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